OpenGL (Open Graphics Library) es una especificación estándar que define una API multilenguaje y multiplataforma para escribir aplicaciones que produzcan gráficos 2D y 3D. La interfaz consiste en más de 250 funciones diferentes que pueden usarse para dibujar escenas tridimensionales complejas a partir de primitivas geométricas simples, tales como puntos, líneas y triángulos. Fue desarrollada originalmente por Silicon Graphics Inc. (SGI) en 1992 y se usa ampliamente en CAD, realidad virtual, representación científica, visualización de información y simulación de vuelo. También se usa en desarrollo de videojuegos, donde compite con Direct3D en plataformas Microsoft Windows.

Intel i965 Mesa Driver Finally Lands Its On-Disk Shader Cache

Intel i965 Mesa Driver Finally Lands Its On-Disk Shader Cache

Intel developers have finally landed their patches for supporting the i965 Mesa OpenGL on-disk shader cache...

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A Few Windows 10 vs. Ubuntu Linux OpenGL Benchmarks With A Core i7 7700K

A Few Windows 10 vs. Ubuntu Linux OpenGL Benchmarks With A Core i7 7700K

This week I've published Windows 10 vs. Linux NVIDIA gaming benchmarks and a Radeon Software Windows 10 vs. RadeonSI/RADV Linux comparison with a variety of interesting games. For this third article on the topic of Windows 10 vs. Linux performance are a few Intel HD Graphics 630 benchmark...

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LibreOffice Gets Flicker-Free OpenGL Transitions

LibreOffice Gets Flicker-Free OpenGL Transitions

Caolán McNamara's hacking around GTK3 support in LibreOffice continues. This time, he's managed flicker-free OpenGL transitions...

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Compute Shader & GLSL 4.30 Support For R600 Gallium3D

Compute Shader & GLSL 4.30 Support For R600 Gallium3D

After recently getting some older Radeon GPUs to OpenGL 4.2 with new R600g patches and making other improvements to R600g, David Airlie has now sent out a set of patches for getting compute shaders and GLSL 4.30 working for some older pre-GCN GPUs with the R600 Gallium3D driver...

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Intel Mesa OpenGL Driver Lands 48-bit Addressing Support, Lets Up To ~256TB Of vRAM

Intel Mesa OpenGL Driver Lands 48-bit Addressing Support, Lets Up To ~256TB Of vRAM

Intel's i965 Mesa OpenGL driver now allows for 48-bit addressing, which greatly expands the GPU memory limits...

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Former Valve Developer: Steam Linux Project Was The Hardest

Former Valve Developer: Steam Linux Project Was The Hardest

Getting games on Linux and improving OpenGL drivers was the hardest challenge one veteran game developer has come across...

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Dawn of War III Will Be Able To Run/Render Correctly On Intel ANV Vulkan

Dawn of War III Will Be Able To Run/Render Correctly On Intel ANV Vulkan

Dawn of War III rolls out to Linux this Thursday with OpenGL and Vulkan support. When it comes to the Intel ANV Vulkan driver, it appears that it will work as long as you are using the very latest Mesa Git...

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Gallium3D Gets Patches For ARB_get_program_binary, Complementing Intel's Work

Gallium3D Gets Patches For ARB_get_program_binary, Complementing Intel's Work

Earlier this month Intel open-source developers posted their patches for implementing OpenGL's ARB_get_program_binary extension, which basically allows games/applications to get and set their own compiled programs. This work has now been revised and extended to also support the Gallium3D...

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OpenGL Hardware Acceleration Support For Weston's RDP Backend

OpenGL Hardware Acceleration Support For Weston's RDP Backend

Patches are pending to provide OpenGL hardware acceleration support for Wayland's Weston compositor RDP back-end...

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Two Weeks Until Likely Updates To OpenGL, Vulkan

There is less than two weeks to go until SIGGRAPH 2016 kicks off in Anaheim, California...

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Freedreno Reaches OpenGL ES 3.1 Support, Not Far From OpenGL 3.3

The Freedreno Gallium3D driver now supports all extensions required by OpenGL ES 3.1 and is also quite close to supporting desktop OpenGL 3.3...

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Developers Are Still Working On OpenGL 4.x For Intel Haswell / Ivy Bridge

The developers at Igalia continue working on the necessary OpenGL functionality to be able to advertise OpenGL 4.x support in Mesa for Ivy Bridge and Haswell "Gen 7" graphics...

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Android Extension Pack Being Prepped For Mesa

Veteran Mesa developer Ilia Mirkin has been working on finishing up the core plumbing for OpenGL ES 3.2 / Android Extension Pack support for the Mesa drivers...

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OpenGL 4.6 Appears To Be On The Way

While Vulkan has taken much of the spotlight in the past year when it comes to multi-platform graphics APIs, OpenGL continues to be used by many games, a lot of commercial/workstation software continues relying on OpenGL and that will not change over night, and there it continues to be a...

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AMDGPU+RadeonSI Is Much Faster Than The Old Proprietary Fglrx Driver

With going back to test Ubuntu 14.04 through Ubuntu 17.10's Radeon OpenGL performance as part of marking AMD's open-source strategy turning a decade old, I also took this opportunity while having an old Ubuntu installation running to also re-test the former Catalyst/fglrx driver stack...

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NVIDIA 387.34 vs. Linux 4.15 + Mesa 17.4-dev Radeon OpenGL/Vulkan Performance

For your viewing pleasure this weekend are some fresh benchmarks of the very latest NVIDIA and Radeon Linux graphics drivers.

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Google & Collabora Working On OpenGL ES 2.0 Virtualized GPU Access For Containers

Robert Foss of Collabora has shared some work they are engaged in with Google for virtualizing GPU access and allowing for OpenGL ES 2.0 acceleration for containers...

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David Airlie Moves Toward Upstreaming Soft FP64 Support In Mesa

There's been work going on for years of "soft" FP64 support to allow emulated support for the double-precision floating-point data types for GPUs not otherwise inherently supporting this capability. The soft support would allow for some older GPUs to then advertise OpenGL 4.0+...

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Feral Interactive estrena compatibilidad de sus juegos con las eGPU en macOS

Recientemente hay cierta preocupación con el futuro de los juegos en el Mac debido al fin de la compatibilidad con OpenGL en macOS Mojave, pero al mismo tiempo se están abriendo nuevas fuentes de esperanza. Feral Interactive, responsable de varios ports de juegos en macOS, ha anunciado que...

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The Performance-Per-Watt From The GeForce GTX 650 To GTX 1050 Series, Compared To AMD RX 460/470

Now having had the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 and GTX 1050 Ti graphics cards in my possession for a few days I have some more interesting data to share today compared to just last week's raw OpenGL/OpenCL/Vulkan raw Linux performance data. In this article is a look at the power use and...

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Nouveau Gets Patches For OpenGL AZDO ARB_shader_ballot

Following the work laid by AMD developers on wiring ARB_shader_ballot into RadeonSI, a student developer working on Nouveau has posted support for this OpenGL extension...

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NVIDIA 381.10.10 Vulkan Linux Driver Benchmarks

With NVIDIA just releasing a new beta Vulkan driver that in addition to having new Vulkan extensions and better Vulkan/OpenGL interoperability also has "various performance improvements", I couldn't resist running some benchmarks...

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Windows 10 vs. Ubuntu 17.04 With Intel Kabylake Mobile Graphics

While we've seen the Radeon Linux OpenGL driver get competitive to the Windows Radeon OpenGL driver and the NVIDIA Windows/Linux OpenGL binary drivers have long been on a level playing field, how's the Intel HD Graphics performance? Here are some quick and fresh benchmarks this weekend.

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12-Way Intel / AMD Integrated Graphics Linux Tests On Ubuntu 18.10

Here is a fresh look at the current Linux OpenGL/Vulkan performance of various new and old Intel/AMD systems with integrated graphics using Ubuntu 18.10.

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Mesa Threaded OpenGL Dispatch Finally Landing, Big Perf Win For Some Games

Four years ago Intel developers were working on a threaded OpenGL dispatch mechanism for Mesa, but it never ended up being merged. Now, prolific Mesa contributor and AMD developer Marek Olšák is looking to merge this code and clean it up...

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KHR_no_error Support Merged In Mesa For Potentially Helping CPU Usage

Timothy Arceri at Valve has recently been working on OpenGL KHR_no_error support while now that initial code has been merged into Mesa 17.2-devel...

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3D OpenGL Acceleration For Windows Guests On QEMU Using VirGL/VirtIO

While there has been VirGL as one of the options for allowing 3D/OpenGL acceleration of Linux guests within QEMU/KVM virtual machines to allow the calls to be directed to the host system's OpenGL driver, that support hasn't been available when Windows is running as QEMU/KVM guest. That...

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Compute Shader Patches For Nouveau Pascal

Patches posted today for Nouveau NVC0, the open-source NVIDIA driver for modern GeForce GPUs, implement OpenGL compute shader support for Pascal hardware...

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Mesa Has Seen Over 90k Commits, Nearly Two Million Lines Of Code

With Q1'2017 wrapping up this week, here are some fresh Mesa Git statistics showing how the development of this important OpenGL/Vulkan implementation is pacing for the year...

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OpenGL Compatibility Profile Updates Land In Mesa 18.2-dev

Marek Olšák of AMD has landed the recently noted updates to the OpenGL compatibility profile support in Mesa 18.2...

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OpenGL 4.0 / FP64 Patches Updated For Intel Ivy Bridge

Igalia's Samuel Iglesias Gonsálvez has updated his 28 patches for ARB_gpu_shader_fp64 support for Intel Ivy Bridge hardware that in turn allows these older Intel graphics to have OpenGL 4.0 support...

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Mesa 18.1.6 Released With Build System Updates, Various OpenGL/Vulkan Driver Fixes

Mesa 18.1.6 is now available as the latest point release for Mesa 18.1 as the Q2'2018 release of this collection of open-source graphics drivers/infrastructure...

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KDE Plasma 5.8 To Finally Allow LLVMpipe, Drops EGL On X11 Option

There are several changes to KWin's OpenGL compositor support with the upcoming KDE Plasma 5.8 release...

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The Latest Talos Principle Vulkan RADV & OpenGL RadeonSI With Mesa 13.1-dev

This week I posted many Dota 2 7.00 benchmarks with different AMD graphics cards while testing Mesa 13.1-dev + Linux 4.9 with both the RADV Vulkan driver and RadeonSI OpenGL driver. Here are some tests of the latest The Talos Principle build while comparing those OpenGL and Vulkan numbers...

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It's Getting Close Whether The OpenGL On-Disk Shader Cache Will Happen For Mesa 17.0

While a lot of OpenGL improvements, Vulkan driver advancements, and performance optimizations can be found in Mesa Git for the forthcoming release as Mesa 17.0, one big feature that's still missing as of today is the OpenGL on-disk shader cache...

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More AMDGPU DC + RadeonSI/RADV vs. NVIDIA Linux OpenGL+Vulkan Benchmarks

Last week I published the Radeon RX Vega Performance With Mesa 17.3-dev + LLVM 6 + drm-next-4.15-dc article offering a fresh look at the RX Vega 56/65 Linux performance using the new AMDGPU DC code that's likely to be merged in Linux 4.15. As well, the latest Mesa 17.3-dev Git code built...

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Xeon HD Graphics P530 With OpenGL & Vulkan On Mesa 13.1-dev + Linux 4.10

On Saturday I published Intel IvyBridge / Haswell /Broadwell / Skylake OpenGL and Vulkan Benchmarks On Linux 4.10 + Mesa 13.1 using various Core CPUs. But for some fun benchmarks this Sunday morning are GL/VLK results when using a Xeon E3 v5 Skylake CPU with HD Graphics P530...

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ARB_transform_feedback_overflow_query Patches For RadeonSI

Nicolai Hähnle of AMD has sent out a set of 13 patches to wire-up the ARB_transform_feedback_overflow_query OpenGL extension for RadeonSI Gallium3D...

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AMDGPU Linux Kernel Driver Gets Patches For Vega M Support - Intel Kabylake G

Earlier this month Vega M support came to RadeonSI OpenGL, with Vega M being the Radeon graphics found within Intel's Kabylake G processors. There was then Vega M support for the RADV Vulkan driver but these user-space drivers won't work without the kernel bits and now there is that...

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Superposition Shows How Far RadeonSI Gallium3D Has Evolved vs. AMDGPU-PRO

Comparing the hybrid AMDGPU-PRO proprietary Linux driver to the RadeonSI Gallium3D open-source driver stack with the newly-released OpenGL 4.5-using Unigine Superposition has shown how far the open-source driver stack has come...

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GraphicsFuzz Demo Works On Fuzzing Your GPU Drivers Through WebGL In The Browser

In the past we have reported on work done by students at the Imperial College London on fuzzing OpenGL drivers and in the process uncovering various driver bugs affecting Linux too. They have out a new WebGL demo that has already uncovered at least one Mesa driver bug...

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51 GPUs Tested, From The Radeon HD 2900XT To RX 580 & R9 Fury: Testing The 2017 Linux Driver Stack

It's that time of the year where we see how the open-source AMD Linux graphics driver stack is working on past and present hardware in a large GPU comparison with various OpenGL games and workloads. This year we go from the new Radeon RX 580 all the way back to the Radeon HD 2900XT, looking...

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Nouveau NVC0 Gallium3D Lands OpenGL Bindless Texture Support

Longtime Nouveau Gallium3D contributor Ilia Mirkin has landed OpenGL bindless texture (ARB_bindless_texture) support within Mesa 17.4-dev Git...

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RadeonSI NIR Support Is Getting Squared Away, A Call For More Game Testing

Valve Linux GPU driver developer Timothy Arceri provided a status update today on the RadeonSI NIR back-end that is needed as part of the SPIR-V ingestion upbringing and that this Radeon GCN OpenGL driver may switch to using NIR by default in the future...

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Linux 4.13-rc1 Tests Of AMDGPU Paired With RADV/RadeonSI Mesa 17.2-dev

I've just finished out a round of tests using the Linux 4.13-rc1 kernel with its new AMDGPU driver code. No regressions with my Polaris and Fiji tests, but at the same time no performance gains trickled through when running various tests with RADV Vulkan and RadeonSI OpenGL from Mesa 17.2-dev...

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Linux Gaming For Older/Lower-End Graphics Cards In 2018

A request came in this week to look at how low-end and older graphics cards are performing with current generation Linux games on OpenGL and Vulkan. With ten older/lower-end NVIDIA GeForce and AMD Radeon graphics cards, here is a look at their performance with a variety of native Linux games...

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Ubuntu 16.10 Desktop Gaming Benchmarks: Unity, GNOME, Xfce, LXDE, KDE, Openbox, MATE

As usual when there's a new Ubuntu Linux, the requests come in for running OpenGL graphics/game benchmarks under the different desktop options. For some Ubuntu 16.10 on Intel Mesa graphics tests are results for GNOME Shell, Xfce, LXDE, KDE Plasma, Openbox, MATE, and Unity running atop X.Org.

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Intel Iris Pro OpenGL Benchmarks On Debian 9 Testing

Yesterday I published Skylake Iris Pro Graphics benchmarks on Ubuntu, Fedora, openSUSE, Antergos, and Clear Linux using a Skull Canyon NUC. That was fun but then I decided to ring in the new year by running even more benchmarks, so if you're curious how the Debian 9 "testing"...

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Here's How To Setup Clear Linux For Intel Steam Linux Gaming

A few weeks back we learned of Intel's Clear Linux distribution working towards Steam support. While Clear Linux is a performance-oriented workstation/server/cloud distribution, repeatedly in our tests it performs among the top Linux distributions even when it comes to Intel OpenGL Linux...

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VC5 Gallium3D OpenGL Driver Is Starting To Get Fit

Broadcom's Eric Anholt has remained busy in bringing up the VC5 Gallium3D driver...

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